Best Beaches In Zakynthos

Zakynthos beaches are famous for their natural beauty and exotic emerald water!

Shipwreck (Navagio) Beach

Zakynthos most beautiful beach, and one of Greece's top five or six most photographed beaches. The beach is only accessible by water, giving it a sense of vastness and beauty. There are several boats departing Zakynthos port every day, or you may plan a cruise from Argassi! It is made up of millions of little stones with blue sea hues as far as the eye can view; it is unique in its gender, and the relict appears to have been created by an artist.

Geraka Beach Vassilikos

Gerakas is one of Zakynthos most beautiful beaches, because to its blue seas and distinctive natural characteristics. It is located to the south of the island and provides a safe haven for the endangered Caretta-Caretta sea turtle. Gerakas' sandy beach is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Marathonisi Beach - Island

Marathonisi is a tiny island in the bay of Laganas that is protected by the National Marine Park of Zakytnhos and is a popular swimming and nesting spot for Caretta Caretta turtles. The island is shaped like a turtle, and you may get there by hiring a small boat from Keri or Laganas or going on a guided tour. There's a good possibility you'll encounter turtles and maybe swim with them. Marathonisi is a barren wasteland. Aside from the turtles, the island is known for its lovely beaches, one of which is sandy and the other pebbly. The sandy beach has a distinct form and faces the Agios Sostis coast.

Makris Gialos

A picture-perfect beach that is a "must-see" throughout your vacation. From the first instant, the coast road heading to the beach gives a spectacular view. This broad beach is made up of sand and stones, and the sea is so lovely that it seems like it was plucked from a Caribbean beach. Makris Gialos is a little beach with sparkling water on the road to Agios Nikolkaos on the northern side of the island. Makris Gialos does not get extremely crowded since it is not well structured.

Ksigia Beach

Ksigia is a small, sandy beach on Zakynthos northern coast, near to Alykes. It is surrounded by a massive rock with beautiful foliage. Ksigia is a beautiful beach 20 kilometers north of Zakynthos. This is one among the island's most popular destinations, with its rocky environment and abundant foliage. It stands out for its peculiar water quality, which includes brimstone, which gives the sea a subtle aroma. The brimstone comes from nearby caverns and is used to treat bodily aches and pains. It is also used as a natural spa by the locals.

Porto Zoro

This beach impresses visitors with its gorgeous crystalline waves and lush natural surroundings. It is unquestionably one of the most stunning displays of the island's natural splendor. The sea's impressive granite formations create a unique atmosphere and attractive sight. The beach is dominated by a huge hotel, which is surrounded by a grassy area with many tourist services.

Alykes Beach

The salt-pits (alykes in Greek) lying behind the town of Alykes gave the area of Alykes Zante (or Alikes) its name. It is located 18 kilometers north-west of Zakynthos' city. Those salt mines used to be the islanders' primary source of revenue and riches. Alykes is a lovely sandy beach that attracts many people due to its gorgeous sand and clear seas. A number of restaurants, pubs, and tourist stores line the main road that runs through the hamlet.

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Tsilivi Beach

The main beach is relatively extensive, and there are several tourist amenities on the golden sand. The beach here is highly crowded, with many families and young individuals staying until late in the evening. It is largely known for its crystal clear waters and water sports amenities.

Banana Beach

Banana is Zakynthos' biggest beach, approximately 14 kilometers (20 minutes) from the island's capital, Zakynthos Town. It is well-known for its unusual waters, which shimmer in the sunlight. Banana is well-organized, with sundecks and umbrellas for hire. A few of beach bars serve cool beverages and small nibbles. The rugged scenery and fine golden sand identify the beach. The beach is easily accessible, and there is enough parking. This is a fantastic beach, one of the island's most picturesque.

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